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Love Talks: Teamwork 

James and Alaina Crawford first met in high school when their siblings tried to play match makers and failed. Three years later, they decided to go out to a movie and ice cream to catch up and have been together ever since. They’ve now been married 5 years but together 10 years and counting. They have two children and a pet fish. When career aspirations took them to a new state and away from family and sometimes each other, their love, transparency and partnership held them tight together. Teamwork makes the marriage work!

When did you know that you loved your spouse?

James: “I knew I loved Laina when I would take weeks off from work just to spend time with her. Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t like to take time off from work! I used to spend every dime I had on rental cars, new clothes, etc…. just to go see her.”

Alaina: “I knew I loved James fairly early in the relationship. We spent the whole summer together before heading back to junior year of college and whenever I was with him I just felt complete. I felt like I could be myself and I loved that feeling. Then when I had to go back to school it was just a sad feeling so I really enjoyed the fact that he would come almost every weekend just to hang out with me. I mean do absolutely nothing but hang and that’s when I knew.”

What is your favorite quality about your spouse?

James: “My favorite quality about Laina is how supportive she is. Any goal I set for myself she’s always behind me encouraging me and helping me every step of the way.”

Alaina: “James goes out of his way to make sure that everyone he’s around is taken care of. He’s very selfless in that sense and just wants us to be happy. So he’ll do anything to make sure me and the girls are happy, that his family is happy, that everyone is OK before himself. 

What has been the most challenging aspect of marriage?

James: “The most difficult part of being married to me would be having those disputes about whose career is more important than the other’s. Who is more tired after work? Who should take that sick day to stay home with the kids?

Alaina: “I think one of the hardest things is finding time to just spend together. He’s in a career field that keeps him away very often and we live in a state where we have no family and very little friends. So it’s hard to make time for just us. But when we do find that time to spend together alone it’s fun.” 

How has your spouse changed you for the better?

James: “Laina has helped me to be more open minded. Try new things, experience new places.”

Alaina: “Being with James has helped me to worry less. I’ve always been the type of person who worries a lot and just stresses about things that I sometimes have no control over. But his personality has helped me to feel like everything is going to be OK. He always says it is going to be greater later or it’s going to get better and he’s always been right about it. So he has helped me to have more faith in stuff.”

What is the best part about being married?

James: “The best part about being married is having that teammate who’ll always be there for you no matter what and will always have your back. You set goals together and accomplish them together, someone that is always going to be there to push you.” 

Alaina: “The best part about being married is having a partner. But not just a partner but someone I can be transparent with. I never have to fake anything with James. I can always be honest and I know at the end of the day whether he likes what I say or agrees or disagrees he’s still going to love me. I just really enjoy having someone I can be honest with and feel I can be myself with.”  


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