Let your person be their own person. Have their own experiences, their own space when needed, their own identity. Encourage that in them. Be the same for you. The love hit’s different this way. It’s free flowing


Tears are the purest form of prayer. It’s complete surrender. It’s the soul reminding you to keep God near. I cry often because sometimes the world just pulls me but God continues to lift me.


I write suicide letters in my head sometimes. Like today, on a 3 hour drive home. I think about who would want an explanation, who deserves one. The thought of actually doing anything to render those letters true always makes me weep! This is why I know I’d never bring myself to ever need to […]


I try so hard to hold onto to the feeling I get when I look at you. I snap pictures of you when you aren’t paying attention. The pics don’t come close though. It’s beyond the stillness. Its the energy, the connection, the love! I see it all when I look at you.


I keep falling for words because it might be the closest thing to true love I’ll ever experience. Words damn sure breaks my heart like it anyway.