Maybe your words weren’t meaningless
Maybe the feelings behind them were just
Unsustainable, temporary, fleeting…
And for sure no longer existent.

Maybe I misinterpreted your beautiful words
Maybe you were merely generalizing
Nonetheless, I was all in.
But maybe it was just me.


I’ve been unfair to you.

As a young girl I yearned to create
a home completely opposite of
the one that broke me.

You didn’t know I was
searching for home in you.

And I didn’t give you a chance
To build the foundation,
Or even lay the bricks.

I just expected you to already be
the home only I knew I needed.


I am like the firefly you see
shining beauty into the night.
Come, its ok to follow…
Let me lead you to your dreams.
When I begin to fly in circles
Its you I’ll look to for direction
So keep it slow and steady.

I am like the firefly you see
Luring you to stop & admire my glow.
But please don’t try to capture me
Don’t put me in that jar you hold
How will explore our world?
The few breaths I am to catch
within the holes you’ve proffered,
May keep me alive but will I be living?

I am like the firefly you see
Shining beauty through your dark nights
Leading you whimsically to your dreams
Love, cherish and value me but keep me free