Love Letters: A Journal Meant To Be Shared Between Lovers


The Love Letters journal is a unique concept meant to be shared between you and your significant other. Use the prompts to help express your love or the blank pages to share your own.

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In the age of text messages & DMs, nothing really compares to an old-fashioned love letter. My love re-introduced me to cards when we began dating. It’s my favorite thing to receive from him because it’s so special and personal. In return I’d leave him love letters written with pen on paper randomly.

Our nature to express our love and feelings in words birth this journal. A space for us to continue to write each other love letters all in one place. A place we can revisit when we miss each other or need gentle reminders to keep our love flourishing. I hope you and your special someone will enjoy doing the same. Use the journal prompts to help guide your topic of expression or create your own.

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