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Love Talks: Home 

Jamaal and Brandy Boone met in the dormitory of Anderson Hall during their freshman year of college and have now been together 17 years! According to Brandy, Jamaal was standing in the lobby staring at her. He says he was doing no such thing but told her his name when she approached him nonetheless. Every time the two saw each other after that encounter she’d make sure to say, “Heyyy Jamaal!” Their mutual love of watching WWE led to them eventually falling in love. Over the years their palpable bond, genuine friendship and commitment to family set the strong foundation needed to withstand the usual ups and downs of marriage. For this couple, there is nothing better than family.

When did you know that you loved your spouse?

Brandy: “There is no specific time that I can pinpoint but what made me say for the rest of my life this is who I want to be with was the fact the we liked the same things and we did the same things. When we were around each other we always had fun just doing nothing together. We use to go play uno together, watch wrestling together, all that stuff. We had a lot in common so I was like, ‘Yep, I can be with him for the rest of my life.’”

Jamaal: “I don’t know the exact point but I know that I loved her wayyyyy sooner than she loved me. My thing was, I’m just not going to say nothing until I get something back. I was holding out. There was one time we were in the student union building watching wrestling and I knew then like, ‘Oh yea, I love her.’ We weren’t doing anything. Just chillin and watching wrestling.”

What is your favorite quality about your spouse?

Brandy: “I like the way that he is with his children. I think he’s a really, really great father. Seeing him spend time with them, joking around and stuff, makes me love him more.”

Jamaal: “Well this isn’t going to sound as profound as what she said but she has pretty damn good organizational skills! I love her domestic qualities. She’s clean and she cooks well and often so I don’t have to and I appreciate that.”

What has been the most challenging aspect of marriage?

Jamaal: “Probably adapting to each other’s personalities. Like the fact that you just can’t do everything the way that you like to do it just because it works for you.”

Brandy: “Communication or the lack there of. I think it’s always a challenge to say exactly what it is you’re feeling especially when what you’re feeling may cause an argument and you’re not wanting to argue. Things of that nature. That’s the most challenging part.”

How has your spouse changed you for the better?

Jamaal: “Mannnnnnn, where do I even start? Can I even say this….if it wasn’t for her I’d still be out in them streets. Ain’t no telling where I’d be. I may be dead. I can’t really even say just one or two things. I can say that she completely took me away from doing boyish things. It’s like a complete 180 turnaround because I go from one extreme to the next. But that’s just one part of how she’s changed me for the better. I can go on and on about that. Compared to the person I was when I met her I’m definitely a completely different person.”

Brandy: “I would say that he makes me look at myself more because before it was always, ‘YOU need to do this’ or ‘YOU need to do that’. I’ve learned to look at myself and see what it is that I need to do. I’ve been not as quick to anger. I’ve been trying to fix my attitude as I can sometimes have a really bad one. So I think he’s changed me in that way. I now look internally within myself to see what I can do to make things better rather than focus on what I feel somebody else might need to do. Not just in our relationship but in life period.”

What’s the best part about being married?

Jamaal: “The stability. I appreciate the routine. The love. There is nothing better than coming home to my family. Like nothing better. Putting things together for the kids as a family like the birthdays, the celebrations…it’s kind of us verses the world. Coming home is by far the best part of the day. 

Brandy: “Having someone you can really talk to. I feel like I can talk to him about anything. Even though at times we may disagree I still feel like I can still come talk to him about anything. Also having someone you can just lay up under. I like laying up under him and when his feet aren’t on me at night I’m like where the hell is he at, lol. I guess I feel more safe because he’s around.”


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