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I am like the firefly you see
shining beauty into the night.
Come, its ok to follow…
Let me lead you to your dreams.
When I begin to fly in circles
Its you I’ll look to for direction
So keep it slow and steady.

I am like the firefly you see
Luring you to stop & admire my glow.
But please don’t try to capture me
Don’t put me in that jar you hold
How will explore our world?
The few breaths I am to catch
within the holes you’ve proffered,
May keep me alive but will I be living?

I am like the firefly you see
Shining beauty through your dark nights
Leading you whimsically to your dreams
Love, cherish and value me but keep me free

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Love Talks: Teamwork 

James and Alaina Crawford first met in high school when their siblings tried to play match makers and failed. Three years later, they decided to go out to a movie and ice cream to catch up and have been together ever since. They’ve now been married 5 years but together 10 years and counting. They have two children and a pet fish. When career aspirations took them to a new state and away from family and sometimes each other, their love, transparency and partnership held them tight together. Teamwork makes the marriage work!

When did you know that you loved your spouse?

James: “I knew I loved Laina when I would take weeks off from work just to spend time with her. Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t like to take time off from work! I used to spend every dime I had on rental cars, new clothes, etc…. just to go see her.”

Alaina: “I knew I loved James fairly early in the relationship. We spent the whole summer together before heading back to junior year of college and whenever I was with him I just felt complete. I felt like I could be myself and I loved Continue reading “Love Talks: Teamwork “