Maybe your words weren’t meaningless
Maybe the feelings behind them were just
Unsustainable, temporary, fleeting…
And for sure no longer existent.

Maybe I misinterpreted your beautiful words
Maybe you were merely generalizing
Nonetheless, I was all in.
But maybe it was just me.


I’ve been unfair to you.

As a young girl I yearned to create
a home completely opposite of
the one that broke me.

You didn’t know I was
searching for home in you.

And I didn’t give you a chance
To build the foundation,
Or even lay the bricks.

I just expected you to already be
the home only I knew I needed.


I am like the firefly you see
shining beauty into the night.
Come, its ok to follow…
Let me lead you to your dreams.
When I begin to fly in circles
Its you I’ll look to for direction
So keep it slow and steady.

I am like the firefly you see
Luring you to stop & admire my glow.
But please don’t try to capture me
Don’t put me in that jar you hold
How will explore our world?
The few breaths I am to catch
within the holes you’ve proffered,
May keep me alive but will I be living?

I am like the firefly you see
Shining beauty through your dark nights
Leading you whimsically to your dreams
Love, cherish and value me but keep me free


We’re so desperate for love
So desperate to end lonely
We tend to settle for
Insufficient love
Toxic love
Abusive love
Convenient love
A desperate love
But if we take the time to
fall deeply in love with ourselves
especially in our loneliest moments
Lonely soon becomes just a thing
we actually look forward to
And desperate becomes patience
to wait for love deserving of you