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Love Talks: Completely 

Meet Donnie and Tanya. They’ve been married 3 years and have a beautiful baby girl together. Their love story is one for the books but not one of fairytales. It is one of two people finding a great thing in each other despite circumstances and deciding to hold on to each other for dear life when every aspect of their vows were tested in such a short period of time. I hope their love gives you hope, inspiration and the courage to hold on tight no matter the obstacles.

When did you know that you loved your spouse?

Tanya: “When he would go out of the way to get to me because he didn’t have transportation when we began dating. He made sure there was always a way to come see me.”

Donnie: “For me it was more instantaneous. I knew off the bat when we met for the first time. I just looked at her and knew I was good.”

What is your favorite quality about your spouse?

Tanya: “The fact that there is no seperation of roles in our relationship. He’s willing to cook, clean and take care of Aubrey yet he’s still very much a man.”

Donnie: “Her loving, the way she loves. The little things she does that shows she’s not only thinking of me as a person but us as a family.”

What has been the most challenging aspect of marriage?

Tanya: “Being able to bring two separate people together to create one household. We were both raised in two completely different environments and to be able to make that one and create our own home was difficult. In order to overcome that we just had to be open to communication but it is still challenging.”

Donnie: “I guess my answer would mirror hers. Having two completely different mindsets and having to understand that you have to think not just for yourself but come together collectively while at the same time accepting each other’s flaws and defects.”

How has your spouse changed you for the better?

Tanya: “I’m much more patient and not as quick to anger.”

Donnie: “I’d have to say the same thing. Sometimes I can be an irrational thinker and she gives me proper insight and teaches me how to be more cognitive.”

What is the best part about being married?
Tanya: “The best part is having a partner who will always have your back and love.”

Donnie: “The knowing that at the end of the day no matter your flaws, defects or inconsistencies that person will love you and will hold you down through every situation. Knowing that because it’s real it will last a lifetime and not just a moment. I wasn’t looking for someone to complete me, I was looking for someone to completely understand me and I found that in her.


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