Tears are the purest form of prayer. It’s complete surrender. It’s the soul reminding you to keep God near. I cry often because sometimes the world just pulls me but God continues to lift me.


You have to be willing to endure the risks that accompany unguarded vulnerability because the rewards your heart may receive are far greater. There’s just an immeasurable beauty that comes with being unafraid to throw caution to the wind and simply follow the path love flows.


We have to remember that we all have different journeys and being in relationship with someone in any capacity requires us to slow down and sometimes stop completely to allow them to take their exits while also not missing yours. You’ll still walk the same path at times but without being each other’s roadblocks. Life’s […]


I feel like I can remove my being, place it in your hands and know without doubts it will be absolutely safe there. All my life I’ve been longing to rest in safety. Exhausted from carrying around this heavy armor. Afraid to reveal my fears, my truths, my joys For fear of them not finding […]


Love is what you make it If you are capable of feeling It is worth it to have love in your life If it doesn’t work then you learn from it and make the next relationship even better. But never regret giving your heart to someone.