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He intrigues me…
As I watch him stride across the room
ever so smoothly, my heart stops completely.
Then as the space closes between us
my heart starts again.
Only this time its racing, racing to fall…
I try frantically to keep my composure
as I struggle to breathe.
How did he gain such power over me
in such a short time?
Why does HE hold this power?
I try to move my legs but the battle between
my heart and mind only caused them to tremble
as the space between he and I
quickly disappeared into non-existence…
The pitter-patter of my heart exploded
into loud beats of desperation…
Why was my heart so eager to fall?
Falling hard for the beautiful, intriguing creature
that now stood directly in front of me.
As he forms his lips to speak I become lost
in the anticipation of his words…
I want them to sing to my heart.
I want them to say ” I’ll catch you if you fall
because I’ve fallen head over heels
in love with you too.”
But instead his simple “hello”
interrupted my thoughts and my dream
and I awake to the reality of his


When you are at peace with yourself for some reason everything and everybody is at peace with you... Check your vibration

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