Tears are the purest form of prayer. It’s complete surrender. It’s the soul reminding you to keep God near. I cry often because sometimes the world just pulls me but God continues to lift me.


I feel like I can remove my being, place it in your hands and know without doubts it will be absolutely safe there. All my life I’ve been longing to rest in safety. Exhausted from carrying around this heavy armor. Afraid to reveal my fears, my truths, my joys For fear of them not finding […]


I want all of it. The chaos, the peace, the love, the laughs, the kisses, your touch, your lips, your scent, your prickly beard and the way you sing off key. I want every bit of it because we wouldn’t be us without all of it.

Quotes for the Soul: Pieces

There is beauty in falling apart. You will finally see the gorgeous pieces those with the blessing of knowing you already witness and stand in awe of. One by one, bit by bit, you’ll smile when you pick up your joy, feel warmth when you pick up your love, feel uplifted when you pick up […]

Quotes for the Soul: Cry

Today I wanted to be left alone. I wanted to turn off my phone and just disconnect. I kept feeling waves of sadness I wanted to embrace. I wanted to provide myself the space to feel, to cry, to pray. So I put on some gospel music to let my spirit talk to God for […]