I’m currently sitting in my car in the garage enjoying the static of the radio and the silence of all the other elements. It’s moments like these I savor most. Ever pause and try to merely exist? Ever try to be so in sync with oneself that you can actually feel the touch of your fingertips on your body the same way you feel the surface of material things? Try it. Feel. Breathe. Live.

God’s Teachings: Circles & Squares

I feel a bit convicted. I continue to enlist myself in a tug of war with The Almighty. I continually try to do things my own way despite his blessings. In all honesty I’ve found myself saying, “Thank you for blessing me with my home, car, job, health and peace but when it comes to this love thing I know what I want, I know what I’m doing.” So over and over I pray for Him to allow me to recognize “the one”, the one he has set aside for me yet I still find myself trying to force a square into a circle when I encounter someone who merely tickles my fancy.

Even worse, my last pseudo relationship rendered no personal or spiritual growth and although I recognized it immediately I still tried to fit the square into the circle a few months too long.  I ignored the bright exit sign and tried to make it work because he made me laugh and we had chemistry. I tried to compile a list of the things I liked about him and the list stopped at three. I even found myself avoiding any religious or spiritual conversations in an effort to make him comfortable. All the while stifling my own spirituality and growth.

When I finally came to Continue reading “God’s Teachings: Circles & Squares”

Moonlight Conversations: New layer

There is just something about the moon that just puts me in a trance. Its quite therapeutic. Like tonight, usually I catch the moon when I’m driving home. However, I’m driving west in the opposite direction and it seems as if the moon is directly in front of me. I know in essence it “moves” or rather the earth rotates and all that good stuff but there is something more comforting in believing that the moon simply follows and guides me. Especially in the wee hours of the night.

He’s just a half moon tonight yet still as gorgeous as the fullness I adore. Today has been a very great day full of blessings and new beginnings. I feel very much like the half moon tonight who hasn’t quite reached its full potential but I know that when it does it will shine so bright. I’ve peeled back another layer of myself and I can’t wait to eventually shine as bright as my full Mr. Moon. In the meantime, I’ll continue to admire and appreciate my half moon both literally and figuratively.

Quotes for the Soul: Stillness

I recently took a trip to Italy. My hope before I left was to allow the beauty of the country to whisper words to me. Words that would manifest into poetry that would live with me forever but this unfortunately didn’t eventuate. What I learned instead was how important it is to simply be still. Still enough to breath, to think, to exist. My days were filled with scheduled tours, accompanied lunches and dinners, visiting family and shopping. The pictures I took stilled the beauty of the places and moments for me but I never existed within these places and moments long enough to soak them in. On my last day I took a solo stroll through Rome in an attempt to be fully present and those few hours of solitude is what plays most in the highlight reel of my 6 day trip. This was the one moment my mind was still. I had no place to be,  no appointment or pace to keep, no other being to accommodate. In that moment I was truly able to savor the beauty of such a magnificent place and imprint it into the stillness of my being for a lifetime.

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you” -Deepak Chopra


Closed my eyes and kept thinking of you.
I wanted to say this before I doze off.
I like the comfort you provide.
Being myself and expressing the thoughts
that reveal my ability to be selfish,
or painting myself in a not so good light,
or sharing my fears with you,
comes with ease, no effort, nothing forced.
Thus far, it’s what I find most attractive.
I like you more than I did yesterday.