I try so hard to hold onto to the feeling I get when I look at you. I snap pictures of you when you aren’t paying attention. The pics don’t come close though. It’s beyond the stillness. Its the energy, the connection, the love! I see it all when I look at you.


You have to be willing to endure the risks that accompany unguarded vulnerability because the rewards your heart may receive are far greater. There’s just an immeasurable beauty that comes with being unafraid to throw caution to the wind and simply follow the path love flows.


Interesting how we seem to find ourselves when we lose people. Why do we find our rhythm at the end of relationships? Because we also lose ourselves before losing that person. The key is to never lose your rhythm while coexisting and it’s possible. You just have hold onto you a bit harder than to […]


My intuition tells me you won’t catch me if I fall for you. Yet here I am with my feet even closer to the edge. We always know but hope makes up try anyway. Because the in between is worth the ending.


We intentionally took our time so our kisses are full of tenderness and deep intimacy instead of lust mixed with confusion. Holding hands is now second nature and random long hugs while waiting in a line feels like we’re not even in this world as we rest comfortably in the safety we grew in the […]