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My intuition tells me you won’t catch me if I fall for you.
Yet here I am with my feet even closer to the edge.
We always know but hope makes up try anyway.
Because the in between is worth the ending.

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It’s OK to say NO after he finally says yes.
It shouldn’t have taken years to see your value.
You don’t have to go through tons of bullshit
just to be proven loyal, deserving or otherwise.
You were more than enough from day one, sis.

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Quotes For The Soul: Potential

Potential- Capable of being but not yet in existence; latent.

I have trouble walking this very fine line that divides potential and reality. More often than not women tend to skew reality into their own fantasy simply based on unexplored infatuation. We get wrapped up in the passion, chemistry and what COULD be and in turn become completely oblivious to the possible incompatability with our current love interest. I am becoming more aware of my tendency to get lost in the potential and at times mistake it or paint it into reality. In turn, I just end wasting my time because I didn’t take it for what it was, mere potential. Capable of being but not yet in existence; latent.

We Owe It To Ourselves To Stop Falling In Love With Potential” –Monica Torres