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I am like the firefly you see
shining beauty into the night.
Come, its ok to follow…
Let me lead you to your dreams.
When I begin to fly in circles
Its you I’ll look to for direction
So keep it slow and steady.

I am like the firefly you see
Luring you to stop & admire my glow.
But please don’t try to capture me
Don’t put me in that jar you hold
How will explore our world?
The few breaths I am to catch
within the holes you’ve proffered,
May keep me alive but will I be living?

I am like the firefly you see
Shining beauty through your dark nights
Leading you whimsically to your dreams
Love, cherish and value me but keep me free


When you are at peace with yourself for some reason everything and everybody is at peace with you... Check your vibration

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