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Love Talks: Newlyweds

Jorge and David met 3 and a half years ago playing volleyball but they both have different versions of the initial encounter. David recalls helping new members [to the league] get oriented one night when Gill Smith came over and said, “That’s Jorge over there. Go introduce yourself.” He did just that but despite David’s attempts to assist new member Jorge he wasn’t very receptive leaving David to think, “Oh my goodness, he’s such a jerk! He won’t even make eye contact with me!” Jorge however does not remember meeting David that night at all.  A couple of weeks later during a volleyball match against each other in which David was reffing the first game he spotted Jorge walking by and said, “Jorge, you’re on this court!” to which he replied, “How do you know my name?” According to Jorge, they first met that night. As their teams played each other Jorge flirted with David across the court all while scoring points against them with his serves. Per David, his team put a stop to that [points] right away! After that encounter Jorge reached out to David via Facebook messenger and they’ve been together ever since. Married now for a little over a month their bond is immensely palpable and with supportive friends and family in their corner, their love is sure to win.

When did you know you that you loved your spouse?

David: “I would say it was the time he created that starlight picnic for us inside the house and made a playlist. That touched a part of me that I never really knew before and that started the seeds of love for me.”

Jorge: “It was pretty soon after we started dating because I just remember us hanging out so much and everything felt so natural. We spent time at my apartment back then and I knew really early on within like a couple of months that this was something special.”

What is your favorite quality about your spouse?

David: “He makes me laugh all the time and constantly helps me be better in my personal life and professional goals. He helps me to really know my worth and helps build my confidence.” 

Jorge:My favorite quality about David is his kindness. He is probably one of the most kindest person I have ever met in my life and he does it without any hidden agenda. It’s just the type of person he is and I really really like that about him.”

What has been the most challenging aspect of your relationship?

David: “I think for me it has been adapting to someone with such a different personality because Jorge sees the world very differently. Sometimes I feel like I need to pause and be a little bit more in control of my responsiveness. He grounds me a lot.”

Jorge: “In my case I was just so used to being independent prior to being in a relationship. So that has been the most challenging. Finding the right balance between keeping some of that independence that I really like and have grown up with verses being in a relationship where it’s not just about me but thinking about both of us as a unit.”

How has your spouse changed you for the better?

David: “I think it’s part of the reasons why I fell in love with him and my favorite qualities and everything. Jorge helps me be the best David I can be. He brings out a different part of me that I never knew existed with confidence, with believing I can reach my personal and professional goals and constantly encouraging me. No one has had as much faith in me as Jorge has and it’s the best thing about my life since meeting him.”

Jorge: ” David makes me see things in a different perspective. I tend to be very strong minded a lot of times. David challenges me and makes me see other people’s perspectives that I otherwise would miss out on. Although at times I may not say it right of the bat, after we talk and he helps me see other points of view I do take them into consideration. I think that has made me a better person so far.”

What is the best part about being married so far?

David: “There has been a weight to wearing the wedding ring but it is a positive weight. I feel like my world has shifted just a little bit in perspective. When I am thinking about my future or making decisions, whether it’s minor things about the house or important dreams or goals, it’s not ‘I’ so much as ‘We’ so much. I am constantly thinking of how our marriage and family unit is going to grow and strengthen. The symbol of the ring is such a tangible one for me. In such a short amount of time it has brought such validation, comfort and just a new reality to my world and it has been amazing.”

Jorge: “The best part so far is just getting all of our friends and family together to witness us actually getting married. I think that was just an amazing day but even after that it’s just knowing how supportive everyone is of our relationship. So I think both of us being a couple now as husbands just really reinforces that unity that both of our families and friends bring together and I think that is the best.”


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