May my voice be your favorite sound. My sweet aroma your favorite scent. My soft skin your favorite touch. My very presence your favorite sight. My tender kisses your favorite taste and Wrapped in my arms your favorite place.


This thing between us is powerful. Immensely palpable, nearly tangible. I think I can actually strum the string that pulls us together. It seems to keep us tethered even when we’re miles apart. And in those moments we share the same space, we explode without breaking into a million pieces as this thing also inexplicably […]


I know I’m broken because I cry in the shower, though I live alone. I’m afraid to even witness my own tears because if I see them, If I feel, they will pour like rain. I know I’m broken because I’ve been here before. But I’m not ready to put my pieces back together because […]


I’m very observant and often quiet. Some mistake that for weakness. But I’m kinda like a bone collector, gathering the bones you drop over time. Then one day I’ll piece them all together, finally see you’re not for me and leave.