I like when I think about
the fact that you love me
I don’t know why and
maybe reasons don’t matter
but all of my experiences
has led me to this moment…

I wish I could write deep and
extensive poetic words here
but this love is simple
hence my basic wording

You take all the drama in
my life and write it into
a single moment of perfection
For this, I love you.

I could say more but I’d be lying
The extent of my capabilities to
try to further express what I feel
is disabled at this point

Love Talks: Completely 

Meet Donnie and Tanya. They’ve been married 3 years and have a beautiful baby girl together. Their love story is one for the books but not one of fairytales. It is one of two people finding a great thing in each other despite circumstances and deciding to hold on to each other for dear life when every aspect of their vows were tested in such a short period of time. I hope their love gives you hope, inspiration and the courage to hold on tight no matter the obstacles.

When did you know that you loved your spouse?

Tanya: “When he would go out of the way to get to me because he didn’t have transportation when we began dating. He made sure there was always a way to come see me.”

Donnie: “For me it was more instantaneous. I knew off the bat when we met for the first time. I just looked at her and knew Continue reading “Love Talks: Completely “


Reveries of an intense love…
One that will have our breathes dancing the moment
our lips part slightly to greet the other’s.
One that will have our tongues constantly seeking
the warmth of the other’s.
One that will send an unexplainable current
through our bodies the moment they become one..