Quotes for the Soul: Special

I know that I’m a great person.
I love me. I’m a pretty dope soul.
But special is something I’ve never
been called or been able to
identify with until now and
I don’t know how to explain the way
I feel when you say it with such conviction.
It’s like you’re taking the wings I forgot I had, gently spreading them wide,
and encouraging me to fly.

Butterflies don’t know the color of their wings, but human eyes know how beautiful it is. Likewise, you don’t know how good you are, but others can see that you are special.” -Unknown


I want you but not in the way you
mean it when you tell me the same.
I want all of you for my consumption.
I want to drink you 8 times a day like water.
I want your nutrients for breakfast and dinner.
I want to sink into all that you are then
I want to read you and write you into poetry.


Everything you’ve said
makes me want to runaway.
You don’t want a relationship &
you’re not sure about marriage.
I don’t know how to be
in this space without hope.
I don’t know how to stay in
a moment without a future.
This feels like a set up…
An experience for you,
And heartbreak for me.


I know I’m broken because
I cry in the shower,
though I live alone.
I’m afraid to even
witness my own tears
because if I see them,
If I feel, they will pour like rain.
I know I’m broken because
I’ve been here before.
But I’m not ready to put my
pieces back together because
the time that work requires
could take someone only a
second to break again anyway.
I know I’m broken…