Love is what you make it If you are capable of feeling It is worth it to have love in your life If it doesn’t work then you learn from it and make the next relationship even better. But never regret giving your heart to someone.


I can’t just say that I love you. I’m in need of word far greater to identify this kind of feeling. Its like the moon finally got to kiss the sun without igniting into flames. Like God himself picked me up and gently placed me in your ocean yet made sure I could still breathe […]


I want you but not in the way you mean it when you tell me the same. I want all of you for my consumption. I want to drink you 8 times a day like water. I want your nutrients for breakfast and dinner. I want to sink into all that you are then I […]


No matter how many times you tell the same lie, it will still never be truth. Even if I’m dumb enough to believe it. Even if you begin to believe it.