Maybe I want you to suffer a little bit. Maybe I want you to feel one ounce of the pain you may have caused me. Maybe I want you to go out of your comfort zone to make me feel comfortable in this relationship again Because YOU created this distrust. Maybe I want you to […]

His Teachings: Seasons

Many who’ve met me in this season and see my successes tend to think I’m just lucky. No such thing. If only you knew the PAIN and trials I went through before receiving favor. If only you knew the many years I lived mad at the world, sorrowful and not trusting in Him. When I […]

Quotes For The Soul: One More Time

“Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.” –Maya Angelou I choose to be vulnerable in love, in like even and that always leaves my heart bruised. Broken once but bruised often. But even still, the nostalgia of the perfect moments in between is why I’ll forever allow my […]