I know you’re tired
Tired of being alone
Tired of false hope
Tired of relationships ending
Tired of having to start again
But keeping going,
keep trying, keep loving,
keep praying, keep believing.
Love will find its way to you.

God’s Teachings: Circles & Squares

I feel a bit convicted. I continue to enlist myself in a tug of war with The Almighty. I continually try to do things my own way despite his blessings. In all honesty I’ve found myself saying, “Thank you for blessing me with my home, car, job, health and peace but when it comes to this love thing I know what I want, I know what I’m doing.” So over and over I pray for Him to allow me to recognize “the one”, the one he has set aside for me yet I still find myself trying to force a square into a circle when I encounter someone who merely tickles my fancy.

Even worse, my last pseudo relationship rendered no personal or spiritual growth and although I recognized it immediately I still tried to fit the square into the circle a few months too long.  I ignored the bright exit sign and tried to make it work because he made me laugh and we had chemistry. I tried to compile a list of the things I liked about him and the list stopped at three. I even found myself avoiding any religious or spiritual conversations in an effort to make him comfortable. All the while stifling my own spirituality and growth.

When I finally came to Continue reading “God’s Teachings: Circles & Squares”

Quotes For The Soul: Time

“Prayer becomes more meaningful as we counsel with the Lord in all of our doings, as we express heartfelt gratitude, and as we pray for others.” -David A. Bednar

Its time I go back to what I know
Its time I seek my usual cure-all remedy
Its time I reach for the one solution that has always fixed every problem
Its time I re-focus my mind, body and spiritual being
Its time I return to the path I unknowingly strayed from
Its time I seek a better me
Its time I go back to him
Father, here I am.
I surrender all in prayer