Quotes For The Soul: Possession

I don’t ever want to possess you, pick you like a flower, or put you in a jar like a firefly just because I admire your light. That wouldn’t be fair to your existence if I truly care about you, and I do. My hope is to experience you for a very long time. But within that very hope lies my challenge. I must consciously be in the now of you instead of letting my ego create fears that whisk me away into stories of an end that is not here, near and may never come.

Ermias said you can’t possess people, you can only experience them. And I’ m so grateful I got to experience such a man.” -Lauren London


The way he treats, appreciates, adores and sees me made me fall to my knees and pray.

I sent prayers of forgiveness for not believing God when he said he had a better love for me.

Prayers of gratitude for blessing my heart with such a kind soul. Prayers of understanding because I now see why I had to go through the ugly storms before being kissed by this beautiful sunshine.

Prayers for the ability to return the unconditional love he deserves and

Prayers for discernment to recognize the purpose our union is supposed to fulfill for God in this season.


Every. single. one. of. them.
Thought I’d never leave.
Every. single. one. of. them.
Have regretted the day I left.
Every. single. one. of. them.
Took advantage of my kind love.
Every. single. one. of. them.
Treated me like I was replaceable.
Every. single. one. of. them.
Tried desperately to win me back.
Every. single. one. of. them.
Desired me, admired me, loved me.
Every. single. one. of. them.
Couldn’t love me all the way through.
Are. you. one. of. them. too?


In awe of the way you speak
my love language so fluently.
But I’m patiently waiting on
you to tap into that vulnerable
space you seem to run from.
I want you to trust enough to
teach me your love language
without fear of me doing
anything but understanding,
speaking & loving you fluently.