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Love and connection…
Two things all humans crave.
But what if love is just a word
we use to describe connection?
What if the intangible connection
we often feel from the very start
was love all along and the fear
of vulnerability halts expression?
And if connection is love
then it all makes sense right?
The way some connections
make our souls dance joyously
while others feel so temporary,
the kind we fall in and out of so easily.
Maybe it’s because those connections
were never deep, just a spark we still
called love because connection is love
and love is connection all the while.
Have you ever experienced a connection
so strong, as deep as the ocean even,
that your soul whispered ‘I love you’
to their’s over and over from day one?

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Why did we ruin us by thinking?
Why didn’t we just continue to feel?!
Now every text is calculated and
to be honest I’m terrible at math!
Trying to fill the spaces you occupied
just days ago is emotionally laboring.
I want to go back to the moments of tranquil
intimacy we shared that felt so easy.
Like just laying across your lap or chest
as we vibe to our mutual love of music.
Or laughing uncontrollably to some
corney joke only you and I find funny.
Why did we ruin us by thinking?
Why didn’t we just continue to feel?!

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Quotes for the Soul: Special

I know that I’m a great person.
I love me. I’m a pretty dope soul.
But special is something I’ve never
been called or been able to
identify with until now and
I don’t know how to explain the way
I feel when you say it with such conviction.
It’s like you’re taking the wings I forgot I had, gently spreading them wide,
and encouraging me to fly.

Butterflies don’t know the color of their wings, but human eyes know how beautiful it is. Likewise, you don’t know how good you are, but others can see that you are special.” -Unknown

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I want you but not in the way you
mean it when you tell me the same.
I want all of you for my consumption.
I want to drink you 8 times a day like water.
I want your nutrients for breakfast and dinner.
I want to sink into all that you are then
I want to read you and write you into poetry.