I’m always weary of men who call me ‘babe’ and ‘baby’ long before I even earned such an affectionate title.


I’m very observant and often quiet. Some mistake that for weakness. But I’m kinda like a bone collector, gathering the bones you drop over time. Then one day I’ll piece them all together, finally see you’re not for me and leave.

Quotes for the Soul: Cry

Today I wanted to be left alone. I wanted to turn off my phone and just disconnect. I kept feeling waves of sadness I wanted to embrace. I wanted to provide myself the space to feel, to cry, to pray. So I put on some gospel music to let my spirit talk to God for […]

Quotes for the Soul: Self Care

I know this “self care” vibe is trendy now but I really like myself. I really enjoy being by myself because self love could never feel lonely. In a perfect world, I’d turn my phone off for days and just zone out. I’ve mastered the sort of inner peace that makes me run away from […]


I want a forever partner more than I want the idealistic marriage we all get lost trying to find. I want a kind love more than I want a lover. I want someone who truly loves themselves because I’ve learned one can only love me to the extent they honestly love themselves.