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He intrigues me…
As I watch him stride across the room
ever so smoothly, my heart stops completely.
Then as the space closes between us
my heart starts again.
Only this time its racing, racing to fall…
I try frantically to keep my composure
as I struggle to breathe.
How did he gain such power over me
in such a short time?
Why does HE hold this power?
I try to move my legs but the battle between Continue reading “Intrigue”

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I like when I think about
the fact that you love me
I don’t know why and
maybe reasons don’t matter
but all of my experiences
has led me to this moment…

I wish I could write deep and
extensive poetic words here
but this love is simple
hence my basic wording

You take all the drama in
my life and write it into
a single moment of perfection
For this, I love you.

I could say more but I’d be lying
The extent of my capabilities to
try to further express what I feel
is disabled at this point