Stand just inches away without a touch Now let your lips graze gently over mine Place your hand firmly on my neck and Allow your thumb to guide my chin Now press your body against mine Deliberately making each move even slower than the last… Ensuring that my anticipation lasts & lasts


Nights likes these When the sound of the wind hums a lullaby against my windows I find myself missing you Nights like these When the cold air sneaks under my blanket & cause my skin to rise I find myself needing you Nights like these When my lips are lonely and My own arms hold […]


Your kisses linger days later… I find myself replaying our lip nibbling, tongue wrestling, minor groping session over and over and over again. Imagining you discovering new unexplored places to land your lips, flick your tongue. Your kisses linger days later… From the touch of our foreheads meeting and resting in between. To our lips […]

Like Coffee

I miss you all the time… The thought of you is slowly becoming my addiction Like coffee, I yearn for your existence to start and sustain my days. Often times I wonder whose lips are currently curved around your brim Who’s taking in your strong aroma Who’s basking in your sweet steam Hoping the sips from […]