Stand just inches away without a touch
Now let your lips graze gently over mine
Place your hand firmly on my neck and
Allow your thumb to guide my chin
Now press your body against mine
Deliberately making each move
even slower than the last…
Ensuring that my anticipation lasts & lasts


Nights likes these
When the sound of the wind
hums a lullaby against my windows
I find myself missing you

Nights like these
When the cold air sneaks under my blanket & cause my skin to rise
I find myself needing you

Nights like these
When my lips are lonely and
My own arms hold me
I find myself desiring you

Nights like these
When your side of the bed remains abandoned and you unseen
I find myself trying to seek you

Nights like these
I long to feel the warmth of
your skin against my own and
wrap my legs around your being

Nights like these…
Where are you?

Moonlight Conversations: Moments

The moon is full tonight. Well at least it appears so visually. I am finally able to place my head in a clear space. I can now once again admire the beauty of my favorite masterpiece that I’ve admittedly neglected in recent months. Neglected because my focus was not on the present. Neglected because my thoughts were everywhere but within my own existence. But tonight I see you so clearly, Mr. Moon. I appreciate your beauty, your light and your grandiose presence. Your quiet stillness still enchants me and has a way of centering me. Oh how I love nights like these. Nights where my mind is completely free of worry or much else. Only thoughts and visions of you Mr. Moon and my incidental connection with the many beings that may have paused, if even for a moment, to also admire your beautiful existence tonight.



Your kisses linger days later…
I find myself replaying our lip nibbling,
tongue wrestling, minor groping session
over and over and over again.
Imagining you discovering new
unexplored places to land your lips,
flick your tongue.
Your kisses linger days later…
From the touch of our foreheads
meeting and resting in between.
To our lips coyly pecking
before the next session begins.
Your kisses linger days later…

Like Coffee

I miss you all the time…
The thought of you is slowly
becoming my addiction
Like coffee, I yearn for your existence
to start and sustain my days.

Often times I wonder whose lips
are currently curved around your brim
Who’s taking in your strong aroma
Who’s basking in your sweet steam
Hoping the sips from her lips end soon

I can’t wait to take in gulps of you
each and every morning with my lips
curved and our bodies intertwined…
I miss you all the time…